Supporter hopes 'wild man' Trump will listen to Bernie Sanders and Young Turks as president
Neil Berro (Forward)

A Donald Trump supporter is holding out hope, a month after the election, that the president-elect will pivot toward the center and unite Americans behind his administration.

Neil Berro, a Jew and former Democrat who now reliably votes Republican, cheered on Trump during the campaign as a "wild man and populist" whose ego would drive him to "wheel and deal for America."

But now that he's president-elect, the contributing columnist to Forward has two wildly optimistic hopes for Trump.

"One, I hope he reaches out again and again to those who did not support him," Berro wrote. "I hope he listens to them. Hears them. Respects them."

"Two, I hope Trump sears into his brain all those images of the many tens of thousands of people that came out to support him in person, often on short notice, often carrying only a hope and a prayer that he meant what he said at a time of their long struggling despair," Berro continued.

He urged Trump to "root out corruption" and place Democrats in positions of importance, rather than setting for "hackneyed party regulars."

"Trump should talk to Bernie Sanders," Berro wrote. "He should talk to progressive social media icons like The Young Turks. He should never forget that the new Republican Party has the chance to become America’s populist party. Let the Democrats try to resurrect themselves along corporate lines. See how far that gets them."