Suspect filmed attacking black homeless man in Hollywood Metro station as bystanders do nothing
A still from phone video of the beating of a homeless man at an L.A. Metro stop (Screen capture)

Police in Los Angeles are looking for a man who assaulted a homeless man at a Metro stop in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

KTLA Channel 5 reported that the attack took place at around 1 a.m. at the Hollywood and Vine Metro stop and was caught on video by witness Luke Cunningham.

Sheriff's deputies are currently examining the video for clues to the attacker's identity.

Cunningham said that he noticed a dispute brewing between the two men and pulled out his phone to record video. In the clip, a man in a dark jacket -- who Cunningham believes is homeless -- can be seen arguing with a second man.

The younger man can be seen stripping off his sweatshirt, then punching the other man in the head. The victim falls to the ground dangerously near the edge of the platform.

"You can’t see in the video but then he kicked him in the face while he was down," said Cunningham to KTLA. "I followed the guy and he had no teeth in his mouth. He had his teeth knocked out and he was bleeding all over the place."

The attacker, Cunningham said, was one of a group of three men. All three fled the scene before police and paramedics arrived.

Authorities are viewing the cell phone video and surveillance video from the train station to attempt to piece together what sparked the dispute.

"You can see some verbal exchange, not sure if it was a verbal altercation," said L.A. County Sheriff's Office spokesman Deputy Ramon Montenegro in a statement. "But whatever it was it didn’t warrant an assault because it didn’t appear the victim was a threat to the other gentleman."

Watch video about this story, embedded below: