The 13 Cosby accusers who prosecutors want to testify
Bill Cosby's own confession indicates he purchased drugs to have sex with women.

Pennsylvania prosecutors are seeking to call 13 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault at his criminal trial next year.

While none is named in court papers, 11 have previously come forward publicly and can be identified based on the accounts, which date back to the 1960s, included in prosecutors' filings. Reuters does not typically identify alleged victims of sexual crimes unless they have chosen to release their names.

Cosby, 79, has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Here is a summary of the 13 accusers, based on court records and public statements:

Name: Unknown (has not come forward publicly)

Year of alleged assault: Around 1964

Age: 21 or 22

Allegation: A flight attendant, the accuser said Cosby met her on a plane and encouraged her to pursue modeling and acting. After months of what she described as a friendly mentoring relationship, she said Cosby invited her to the Drake Hotel in Chicago and assaulted her after giving her a glass of Champagne that left her unconscious.

Name: Donna Motsinger

Year of alleged assault: 1967 or 1968

Age: 26

Allegation: Motsinger worked at a California restaurant where Cosby often dined. After accepting his invitation to come to a performance, she said, she was assaulted in his dressing room after he gave her wine and a pill.

Name: Linda Brown

Year of alleged assault: 1969

Age: 21

Allegation: Brown, a model, said Cosby gave her a soft drink at his hotel room following dinner that made her pass out. When she awoke, she said, she was in bed with a naked Cosby, who then raped her.

Name: Cindra Ladd

Year of alleged assault: 1969

Age: 21

Allegation: Ladd, a model, said Cosby invited her to his friend's house in New York, where she complained of a headache. According to Ladd, he offered her a pill he called a "miracle cure" that left her incapacitated and then assaulted her.

Name: Unknown (has not come forward publicly)

Year of alleged assault: Early 1970s

Age: Early 20s

Allegation: The woman, an aspiring actress who worked at the Playboy Club in New York, said Cosby assaulted her in a hotel after giving her Quaaludes.

Name: Margie Shapiro

Year of alleged assault: 1975

Age: 19

Allegation: Shapiro, who worked at a donut shop in California, said Cosby ordered donuts one morning and then invited her to a movie set. Later, she said, the two went to a party at the Playboy Mansion, where she took a pill from Cosby after losing a pinball game bet and was then assaulted.

Name: Therese Serignese

Year of alleged assault: 1975 or 1976

Age: 18 or 19

Allegation: Serignese said she was an aspiring model when she met Cosby at a hotel gift shop in Las Vegas. According to Serignese, Cosby abused her in his dressing room following a show after giving her pills.

Name: Linda Kirkpatrick

Year of alleged assault: 1981

Age: 25

Allegation: Kirkpatrick said she met Cosby when she played him in a tennis tournament in Las Vegas. After attending his show at his invitation, she said, he gave her a spiked glass of Champagne and then assaulted her.

Name: Janice Baker Kinney

Year of alleged assault: 1982

Age: 23 or 24

Allegation: Kinney, a casino waitress and bartender, said she met Cosby at a Las Vegas party and that the comedian assaulted her after giving her several pills.

Name: Lynn Neal

Year of alleged assault: Between 1982 and 1984

Age: Between 27 and 29

Allegation: A massage therapist at Cosby's health club in Las Vegas, Neal said Cosby invited her to a show and dinner. After drinking alcohol at his insistence, she said she became disoriented and was later raped by Cosby.

Name: Heidi Thomas

Year of alleged assault: 1984

Age: 24

Allegation: A model and aspiring actress, Thomas accused Cosby of giving her wine and assaulting her at a house in Reno, Nevada, shortly after they met.

Name: Lise-Lotte Lublin

Year of alleged assault: Between 1989 and 1991

Age: Early 20s

Allegation: Lublin said she went to Cosby's hotel room in Las Vegas for what she believed would be an acting lesson but became disoriented after drinking wine Cosby gave her. She said she cannot remember how she got home but recalls Cosby stroking her hair.

Name: Kacey (identified herself at a news conference only by her first name)

Year of alleged assault: 1996

Age: 29

Allegation: Kacey, who said she first met Cosby around 1990 when she worked as an assistant to his agent and had developed a friendly relationship, accused Cosby of giving her a pill at a hotel in California before assaulting her.

(Reporting by Joseph Ax; Editing bhy Tom Brown)