The US Navy busted Trump's interior secretary pick for fraud: report
Rep. Ryan Zinke. (Facebook photo).

Another day, another Trump administration pick with a potential scandal on their hands.

The Intercept is reporting that "three former unit leaders and a military consultant" say that Rep. Ryan Zinke -- whom President-elect Trump picked to be his Secretary of the Interior -- regularly engaged in a "pattern of travel fraud" during his time as a member of Navy SEAL Team 6.

The publication's sources say that Zinke would regularly travel to his home state of Montana to work on his house -- and would then send the Navy a bill for his travel expenses by claiming he was performing official duties while away.

The sources claim that Zinke continued filing expense reports for his trips home even after being warned not to do it, which the publication says "would normally have been serious enough to have ended Zinke’s career, but senior officers at SEAL Team 6 did not formally punish him."

Zinke has also drawn criticism after he accepted a $500 donation from Earl Holt, the head of the Council of Conservative Citizens whose writings on black crime inspired Dylann Roof to commit mass murder in 2015.