'This legislature is trying to raise a new Confederacy': NAACP urges boycott of North Carolina
Rev. William Barber (Screen cap).

The North Carolina Republican Party has spent the past few weeks engaging in a power grab designed to limit the powers of incoming Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper -- and the NAACP has had enough of it.

During a press event on Thursday, North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber called for an economic boycott of the state to protest the state Republican Party's actions since the November elections that saw the defeat of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.

"This legislature is trying to raise a new Confederacy in policy," Barber said at a news conference, as reported by local news station WRAL. "This group doesn't respect the Constitution. They do not respect the voices of the people. They do not respect the will of the people. They do not respect the vote, and it seems in some ways they do not respect just a little bit of money being removed from the state."

It seems that the North Carolina GOP's failure to repeal HB2 -- the so-called "bathroom law" that Barber decried as "an anti-worker, anti-civil rights, anti-LGBT bill" -- this week was the final straw that pushed the NAACP to call for a boycott of the state.

"They're cheating to hold on to power," he said. "Enough is enough."