Tomi Lahren whines that 'intolerant' liberals won't let celebrities mingle with Trump
Tomi Lahren (Fox News)

Tomi Lahren complained "intolerant" liberals were keeping their most famous celebrities away from Donald Trump.

The "Blaze" commentator and social media star appeared Thursday on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly, where they grumbled that virtually no performers were willing to participate in Trump's inauguration.

"The tolerance is really one-sided, because they seem to be pretty accepting when their narrative is pushed, but as soon as Kanye West ventures over to the other side, that’s somehow unacceptable," Lahren said.

Lahren said liberals had questioned West's mental health after he met with the president-elect at Trump Tower -- but O'Reilly reminded her the rapper had an apparent breakdown a few weeks ago.

"Of course, (but) Kanye's had a breakdown since 2009, when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the (Video Music Awards)," Lahren said.

She complained that opera singer Andrea Bocelli had declined to perform at Trump's inauguration after a boycott campaign was launched against him on social media, although O'Reilly pointed out the transition team denies that.

"It's the side-eye, the same thing that we saw in the election," Lahren told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. "‘Oh, you’re a Trump supporter? You must be a racist. You must be a bigot. You must be in a basket of deplorables.’ We saw that, we’re still seeing it."

She said liberals were unwilling to talk to anyone with a conservative viewpoint because they were unable to defend their viewpoints.

"Time and time again, we see this, and [it's] not just meeting with Donald Trump, mind you," Lahren said. "It’s meeting with anyone that’s got a conservative worldview. They don’t like that, they don’t want theirs to be mixing with ours. It's amazing."