Union boss says Trump ‘overreacted’ to criticism — then questions his rep as ‘skilled negotiator'
Chuck Jones, President of United Steelworkers 1999, talks to CNN (Screen cap).

Despite receiving death threats from Trump supporters, United Steelworkers 1999 President Chuck Jones has absolutely no regrets about calling the president-elect a liar.

Talking with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday morning, Jones was asked whether he had any misgivings about his decision to say that Trump had "lied his ass off" about the deal to keep a limited number of jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana.

Jones emphatically replied that he did not.

"Maybe the choice of words weren't the best, but the ultimate message was the same -- he didn't tell the truth," he said. "He inflated the numbers, and I called him out on it."

Jones went on to say that he has a hard time believing that Trump really didn't know the actual number of jobs that would be kept in Indiana, given his reputation as a "skilled negotiator" who should have known the precise numbers of the deal.

Jones went on to say that he was nonetheless grateful that Trump got involved to help the Carrier deal go through, although he said that the president-elect "overreacted" to his criticisms.

He also said it would have been more productive for Trump to have simply told the truth about the original deal instead of launching personal attacks on union leaders.

Check out the segment below.