WATCH: CNN host loses it when Trump supporters claim California 'allows' 3 million illegal votes
CNN's Alisyn Camerota (screen grab)

CNN host Alisyn Camerota could not hide her surprise when a group of Trump voters said that California "allows" millions of people to vote illegally.

Almost a month after Donald Trump's election, Camerota visited with a panel of Trump supporters who she had talked to several time throughout the election season.

And without exception, each of the voters praised the president elect's performance so far.

"People that I'm looking at that Trump has appointed or nominated have all been top of the class, number one in their field, extremely talented, great leaders on their own," Susan DeLemus told the CNN host.

Trump supporter Paula Johnson blamed the media for reporting on white nationalists and their connections to Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

"That's been around forever," Johnson scoffed. "You know, if you keep reporting on it, it's going to grow like a cancer. If you forget about it then it's probably going to go away. But the media has to harp on everything. And it's wrong."

The panel of Trump supporters also panned the protests that broke out across the country after the election.

"Some of them didn't even vote," Johnson quipped. "Voting is privilege in this country and you need to be legal, not like California where three million illegals voted."

"Let's talk about that," Camerota said, appearing confused.

"I'm glad I brought that up," Johnson agreed.

"Where are you getting your information?" Camerota wondered.

"From the media!" Johnson insisted. "Some of them were CNN, I believe."

"Do you think that three million illegal people voted?" Camerota asked.

"I believe in California that there were illegals that voted," the Trump voter stated.

"Do you think three dozen or do you think three million?" the CNN host pressed.

"I think there was a good amount because the president told people that they could vote," Johnson opined. "They said, 'The president said I could vote. I'm here illegally.'"

"Did you hear the president say illegal people could vote?" Camerota remarked.

"Yes!" the entire panel exclaimed. One panelist encouraged Camerota to "Google it, you can find it on Facebook."

After debunking that claim, Camerota asked again: "You think that millions of illegal people voted in this country, you believe that there was widespread voting abuse?"

"California allows it," Johnson declared.

That statement flabbergasted the CNN host.

"They do not allow illegal [voting]," Camerota stated, smacking her forehead.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Dec. 1, 2016.