WATCH: Comcast driver refuses to move his road-clogging truck -- even as accidents pile up around him
A Comcast truck parks in the middle of an icy road in Indiana (Screen cap).

A Comcast driver is feeling heat from the company after a viral video showed his bad parking job on an icy Indiana road caused accidents to pile up around him.

Consumerist notes that the video, which was posted online Tuesday, shows a Comcast Xfinity truck parked on a two-lane road in Indiana in which it took up more than half of the pavement.

This would normally be a nuisance for drivers, but slippery conditions on the roads made the truck's decision to clog up so much space downright dangerous. In fact, the video shows six different cars skidding off the road trying to avoid the Xfinity truck.

The man filming the video confronts the Comcast worker who has parked the truck, but the worker replied that he'd put out a sufficient number of orange traffic cones to warn drivers to watch out for his truck -- and he couldn't help if they kept skidding off the pavement.

Comcast has said that it is investigating the incident, and has expressed concern that its employees were seemingly indifferent as their truck caused half a dozen or more accidents.

"Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect no matter what the situation," the company said. "Safety matters most -- especially in dangerous weather conditions like this."

Watch the video of cars accidents piling up around the Comcast truck below.