WATCH: Father shows acceptance of trans daughter in this beautiful Danish holiday ad
A trans teen receives a gift from her father in Danish holiday ad (Screen capture)

A new commercial from Denmark contains a heartwarming message for the holidays about acceptance and the power of familiar love. said that the ad is for electronics company Elgiganten and is called "Let the gifts speak."

It begins with a family at Christmas opening presents. One member of the family, a teenaged trans daughter looks uncomfortable and ill-at-ease until her father hands her a gift.

She opens it and smiles. The gift is a mini hair straightener, a sweet sign of her father's acceptance of her identity.

"What we love so much about this ad is how real it is," wrote Karim Kheraj at Hello Giggles. "Not only does it showcase how difficult it can be for some people during the holiday season, but it’s a realistic portrayal of how families deal with transitions in their lives, whatever they may be."

Watch the ad, embedded below: