WATCH: Latina recounts the terror she experienced after filming racist ‘build a wall’ chant in school
12-year-old Josie Ramon talks about her experiences with racist bullying in middle school (Screen cap via CNN).

After Donald Trump's win in November, a group of white middle school students in Michigan was caught on camera chanting, "Build the wall!" while Latino students looked on in horror.

As you might expect, the parents of those children were outraged by what they saw -- except they weren't outraged at their own children, but at the Latino students who filmed them making racist taunts.

CNN this week caught up with 12-year-old Josie Ramon, the student at the Royal Oak Middle School in Detroit, Michigan, who originally filmed her classmates chanting on her mobile phone.

One interesting detail in CNN's lengthy report involves the reaction that parents in the school system had to seeing their own children directing racist taunts at their classmates -- essentially, many were furious that Ramon had filmed them and that another person had posted it on the internet.

"It was on Facebook and the parents' PTA group -- people were pointing the finger and saying she should be expelled and she should be prosecuted for endangering children," says Rose Castilla, the mother of Josie's friend Isabelle Castilla. "I just felt sick to my stomach. That's not OK."

Josie also says that students in the school regularly shunned her after her video went viral.

"When I walked into the room, people would walk out of the room for some reason," she tells CNN. "People would see me in the hallways and turn around and walk the other way. I felt like an animal."

Watch CNN's whole report on the incident below.