WATCH: Partygoers play with gun and mock accidental shootings -- moments before fatally shooting friend
Steven Leannis

A Cleveland man said he's "extremely sorry" for accidentally shooting and killing his friend on a Facebook Live video during a dinner party.

Steven Leannis was arrested and charged with third-degree felony involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Anthony Stanford II, reported the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The 30-year-old Leannis was hosting a party at his home Thursday night in The Brick Lofts Apartments when another friend went into his bedroom and retrieved his handgun.

Leannis was recording live streaming video during the incident, and the partygoer returns with the gun and says "we're going to cap this guy's ass."

The partygoer is told the weapon is loaded and a woman asks him not to point the gun toward her, so the man instead points the handgun at his own face.

Leannis grabs the gun, takes back the magazine and gives the weapon back to his friend, and tells him, "Now it's not loaded."

The friends laugh as the partygoer puts the gun in his mouth and jokes about shooting himself, and then says: "The last thing they say is always, 'I didn't know it was loaded.'"

Leannis says that's why he removed the magazine and shows a hollow point bullet that he says "would have made a bloody mess."

Stanford then arrives, and the video shows him shaking hands with the partygoer before Leannis shows him what he cooked for dinner.

The video ends at that point, but police said Leannis then picked up the gun, held it to his side and pulled the trigger -- not realizing a bullet was still in the chamber.

The gunshot struck Stanford in the upper abdomen, and he was pronounced dead about an hour later at a nearby hospital, the newspaper reported.

Police are investigating whether Leannis, whose blood-alcohol content measured 0.058 more than three hours later, was drunk at the time of the shooting.

Leannis told his attorney that he was deeply regretful and had not been eating or sleeping since killing his friend.

"If there was any to trade places, he'd gladly do it," said attorney Leif Christman.

The other partygoers were not charged in their friend's death, the newspaper reported.