'We all want the facts!': CNN's Jim Scuitto goes off on Jeffrey Lord for dismissing Russian hacking
Jim Scuitto and Jeffrey Lord (CNN / Screengrab)

A CNN panel erupted Thursday night after Donald Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord tried to argue the intelligence community’s consensus that Russia hacked the U.S. election is a mistake.

Lord told host Jim Scuitto that Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the impact Russia had on the election his based on his desire for facts

“He wants the facts, that’s for sure,” Lord said.

“It’s the intelligence community,” Scuitto replied, adding: “we all want the facts.”

Lord insisted the intelligence community “has made mistakes before.”

“I’m telling you these people can make mistakes,” he iterated.

Scuitto replied intel “can also get things right.”

“There’s politics at play here,” Lord said, “These bureaucracies are filled with politics every on occasion, so let’s not be naive about this.”

Scuitto noted it’s “a pretty broad charge to say that the 16 intelligence agencies are motivated here.”

“You’re in affect saying that this assessment is based on politics,” Scuitto said.

Lord then tried to downplay the Russian hacking, seemingly equating it to voter fraud in the United States. There were only four documented cases of voter frames in the 2016 election.

“If the story here is influence of non-citizens, Vladimir Putin, and Russians or whatever on the American government in an election, then that goes to every noncitizen who may have voted in America,” Lord said.

“That’s a pretty dramatic turn,” Scuitto responded, “We're not talking about that right now,” eventually challenging Lord to provide “evidence of the 2, 3 million people who supposedly fake-ly voted in this election.”

“Go back to your corners,” CNN Political analyst Jonathan Tasini jumped in.

“I don’t trust the Central Intelligence Agency,” he continued, “I think it’s wise for us to exercise a fair amount of skepticism if the facts are not presented openly to the American people”

“Exactly,” Lord replied.

“That doesn’t mean that I don’t think Vladimir Putin is a thug and a xenophobe and a dangerous individual …” Tasini said, adding “Donald Trump is not capable of understanding … what Russia did."

“He is a dangerous ignoramus,” Tasini argued, insisting “we’re asking someone who is not capable of understanding this” to respond to the Russian hacking.

Watch the video below, via CNN: