'A low bar for credibility': Soledad O'Brien rips Don Lemon for debasing journalism with NYE bender
Soledad O'Brien appears on CNN (screen grab)

Former CNN host Soledad O'Brien lamented over the weekend that 2017 had started out badly for restoring trust in journalism.

In a New Year's Day tweet, O'Brien pointed to "catfights" between MSNBC host Joe Scarborough other members of the media who said he "partied" at President-elect Donald Trump's New Year's Eve bash. Scarborough lashed out, claiming that he was at the event to negotiate an interview with the president-elect, and that he "did not attend the party, and left before any 'partying' began."

Photos, however, show Scarborough mingling with Trump as other guests enjoy champagne.

In a follow-up tweet, O'Brien called out Don Lemon, a former CNN colleague who spent New Year's Eve doing tequila shots on the air.

"A drunk anchorman got his ear pierced live on tv last night," she wrote. "It's a very low bar for credibility."