Alec Baldwin unloads on Trump's Muslim ban: He's trying to 'kill freedom' so 'he's gotta go'
Actor Alec Baldwin (Photo: via Shutterstock)

Actor Alec Baldwin used Donald Trump's favorite medium -- Twitter -- to hammer the president's recent attempt to try and keep Muslim immigrants out of the country, saying Trump has "gotta go" after only eight days in office.

Trump's decision to sign an executive order on Friday banning Syrian refugees and subjecting immigrants and visitors from Muslim-majority countries to "extreme vetting" has been a disaster so far with judges ruling against it and protests breaking out in the streets and in airports.

Baldwin, who has engaged in a running battle with Trump on television and social media, didn't pull any punches in his tweets, calling the president "mentally ill" and demanding he take a competency test.

The actor began by noting that the U.S. was founded on accepting immigrants who are looking for a better life, before turning to what Trump is doing to the country.

Baldwin wasn't done though, saying there is work to be done:

Baldwin couldn't get away without taking another dig at Trump: