'America is created by immigrants': NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. stands up for refugees after Trump's ban
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Shutterstock)

Liberal actors from Hollywood aren't the only celebrities speaking out against President Donald Trump's executive order on travel bans -- legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has jumped in the fray as well.

Per the Charlotte Observer, Earnhardt took to Twitter this weekend to respond to a Muslim Twitter user named Gelar Budidarma, who spent much of the weekend denouncing Trump's executive order.

In response to him, Earnhardt noted that his own family came over to America to escape religious persecution -- and he said that immigrants are an integral part of what America stands for.

"My [family] immigrated from Germany in 1700s escaping religious persecution," he wrote. "America is created by immigrants."

Many of Earnhardt's fans praised him for speaking out, and said they appreciated having his voice in the debate.

Earnhardt's voice carries a lot of weight among NASCAR fans -- as the Charlotte Observer notes, "he’s been voted NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver a record 13 times."