Bill Kristol slams Bannon as an 'insecure snowflake' for calling the media the 'opposition party'
Bill Kristol speaks to ABC News on Dec. 21, 2014. (Screenshot)

Thursday night's Erin Burnett segment on CNN addressed Steve Bannon's recent comments about the media, namely that it is the "opposition party," according to Bannon.

"This is obviously pretty stunning," said Burnett. "This is one of the men who has the president's ear calling the media the 'opposition' and doing so repeatedly." CNN correspondent Brian Stelter called the comments "highly inappropriate," suggesting Bannon, a top administration official, was "describing the media as the enemy."

Neoconservative political commentator Bill Kristol responded by calling Bannon a "sensitive guy ... Such a snowflake, really, right?" Kristol continued, "Poor guy, he's in the White House. They've been there five, six days. He's been looking forward to four years. Six months ago he's editing a fringe website, now he's in the White House."

"He's so insecure," said Kristol. "I mean his boss Donald Trump is, too. All they can do is attack the media?"

Watch the full clip below.