Bill Maher floored by 'nincompoop' Betsy DeVos: 'She had a month to bone up and she couldn't even do that'
Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Bill Maher admitted that he didn't know the Department of Education was a recent department in the president's cabinet and he isn't sure if it needs to be there.

"It's only been around since 1980, so I'm not 100 percent sure we need a Department of Education," Maher said. "I know we need good education. But how did we get along with it all the way up until 1980 because I feel like education has only gotten worse since."

Maher confessed he would have more respect for Donald Trump's education nominee Betsy DeVos if she said in her hearing that she wanted to abolish the Department of Education.

She's "obviously just a billionaire nincompoop, who had a month!" Maher exclaimed. "She obviously didn't even know anything about the Department of Education. She had a month to bone up on it before the hearings and she couldn't even do that."

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