Dan Rather worries about Trump getting hacked: His phone is a 'clear and present danger'
Dan Rather (Facebook)

Everyone knows Donald Trump likes to air his petty grievances on Twitter, but Dan Rather is worried that his mobile phone presents an existential threat to humanity.

The legendary broadcaster said he was distracted by the thought all day Sunday, and his concerns drifted to the security risks posed by Trump's social media activity.

"What would happen if Twitter was hijacked? What if it goes down? Not a ridiculous question," Rather posted on Facebook. "Or, what if his Twitter account is taken over - hacked - by some foreign power? Or just some guy in New Jersey on his bed? Seriously, it's pretty easy to argue that this could become a threat to national security."

"What if there was a tweet from Donald Trump's account calling for an attack on North Korea?" Rather added. "Too far fetched? The point is how much do we really know who is saying what?"

President Barack Obama used a Blackberry for most of his time in office, although the device was modified to improve its security, but it's not clear what measures Trump has taken to secure his Android phone and Twitter account.

"Donald Trump has let it be known that he intends to continue his Twitter talk after the inauguration," Rather said. "If the idea was to intimidate, coerce or distract from all the other real news, Trump Twitter seems to be working well for him, if not for the country. I hope people, including his supporters, get tired of the drama. But I'm concerned his mobile phone could instead become a clear and present danger to everyone."