Ex-Mormon Tabernacle Choir singer calmly deflects CNN anchor's sexist jab: 'I don't feel hysterical'
Janet Chamberlin (CNN)

A woman who quit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rather than perform at Donald Trump's inauguration stood by her decision -- which a CNN anchor questioned as "hysterical."

Janet Chamberlin publicly announced her resignation last week in a Facebook post, where she warned that Trump could usher in "tyranny and fascism."

CNN's Carol Costello interviewed Chamberlin on Monday morning, where she explained the historical parallels she sees between Trump and Adolf Hitler, reported Mediaite.

"Others see it, too," Chamberlin said. "The thing that I see in fascism is that you have someone that finds a cause, that gains people's trust and sympathy, and then they trust that person. They find a target to attack and use propaganda to make that look legitimate."

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She told Costello that she sees evidence of this in Trump's attacks on Latino immigrants and Muslims, but the CNN anchor reminded her that no official decisions have been made on those campaign promises.

“Hitler?" Costello said. "I mean, some people say that you’ve compared Mr. Trump to Hitler and that just sounds kind of hysterical and over-the-top.”

“I don’t feel hysterical," Chamberlin said, grinning. "I feel quite calm."

Chamberlin said she's received "thousands and thousands" of messages of support from other Americans who share her moral concerns.

"They love the choir, and they feel that they are giving an endorsement without meaning to, that they support very vile practices and positions that goes against their conscience," Chamberlin said. "And it goes against mine, as well."