'F*ck Arabs': Horrified Muslim woman finds swastika and hate speech painted on her Ohio home
Anti-Muslim graffiti on a garage door (Malak Ayache/Facebook)

A Muslim woman who lives in Toledo, Ohio said this week that she was shocked to find Nazi hate speech scrawled on her home.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Malak Ayache shared a photo of graffiti painted her garage door, reading, "F*ck Arabs." A swastika was also painted on the door.

"You know I never figured that this would happen to me, I never figured that this would happen to my family," Ayache wrote, speculating that the vandalism occurred within the 15 minutes that she was away from her home on Tuesday.

"Nothing was wrong until I pulled up to my house," she recalled. "Instant tears rolled down my cheeks, with the question 'Why me?' on repeat."

"I never knew that this would happen, I thought all the tales of arab [SIC] hatred were fake, until this happened tonight," Ayache added. "My heart is aching and beating with pain. I fear my moms life, I fear my own life, the fact that someone who did this knew where I lived and knew that I was Arab petrifies me."

Read Ayache's post below.