Fox panel explodes over ‘sanctimonious nutjobs’ in Hollywood offering political commentary
Meghan McCain (Screengrab / Fox News)

On Monday, Fox’s Outnumbered hosted a segment entitled “Hollywood Hissy Fit,” taking immense issue with Meryl Streep’s eloquent disavowal of Donald Trump during the 74th annual Golden Globes,

Meghan McCain, who made her feelings about Streep’s speech known Sunday night, tweeting, “this … is why Donald Trump won,” told her co-hosts Monday, “for some reason all of the snowflake liberals are having a meltdown on Twitter today about it.”

In response, Kennedy insisted she “loves” Streep but said the actress “squandered” her “one lifetime achievement award” by speaking out against Trump “instead of soaking in the moment and basking in it.”

“She completely blew what could have been a cementing moment in her legacy, and for that I was tremendously, personally, disappointed in her,” Kennedy argued.

Kennedy then hurled this one-of-a-kind insult at the so-called Hollywood elite: “I’m more proud of my daughter’s second place gymnastics trophy because she worked harder and has more joy in her life than these sanctimonious nutjobs who peppered the stage last night,” Kennedy said.

“And also, who cares what these people think,” Lisa Boothe jumped in, insisting these are the same voices that were rejected by the election.

“It’s just so elitist for these guys to spend the entire time last night lecturing to America," Boothe added. "Who cares, what basis do they have to be telling us, you know, how we should vote, and what we should think and why should we be listening to them in the first place?”

Judge Andrew Napolitano called Streep’s statement “totally, and inexorably out of place,” adding that Trump was right to unleash a series of tweets attacking the "overrated" movie star.

“Hollywood is having a misinterpretation of it’s power,” Harris Faulkner replied. “They live on sycophant planet.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News: