Fox's Shep Smith blasts Trump's travel ban for giving jihadists 'exactly what they wanted'
Fox News host Shepard Smith reports on North Carolina's bid to reinstate its voter ID law on Aug. 31, 2016. (YouTube)

Opening up a discussion on the blow-back from President Donald Trump's executive action that banned Syrian refugees from the U.S. and placed heavy restrictions on travelers from Muslim-majority countries, Fox News host Shep Smith accused Trump of playing into the hands of Middle Eastern terrorists.

Noting the difficulties executive has caused, with push-back coming from the Pentagon and at the state level, Smith turned to how it is being perceived in the Middle East.

"Already some jihadist groups are claiming victory over the executive order, saying the policy proves the United Sates is at war with Islam," Smith explained. "They're calling President Trump's action 'the blessed ban.'"

"It's exactly what they wanted," Smith dryly added. "We know because they have said so for years."

Watch the video below via Crooks & Liars: