Hilary Rosen calls BS on Kayleigh McEnany: 'People are afraid - don't act like it should be sunshine for Donald Trump'
Kayleigh McEnany and Hilary Rosen (Photo: Screen capture)

During an all-women panel brought together to discuss the Women's March on Washington for Don Lemon's Friday night show, Hilary Rosen wasn't letting conservative Kayleigh McEnany say the march was negative.

McEnany attempted to claim that she and many anti-choice activists were treated badly when they attempted to walk through the march. She claimed that there were threats of violence and horrible things said about the president of the United States.

Rosen refused to let her play the victim, saying that the day was about feminists and pro-choice women everywhere coming together for something positive.

"An entire day filled with love, no violence, not a single arrest, huge amount of good energy," Rosen said. "I can't accept the characterization of close to a million women coming to Washington being in communities around the country and you characterizing it as negative. It was not negative."

She did concede that it was absolutely tough on those that fight against women's rights and women's choice but it wasn't about "random violence."

McEnany attempted to push the talking point that she wasn't welcome and people were mean to her and other anti-choice people.

"Here's the thing, people are afraid of being deported," Rosen said. "People are afraid of having health care taken away, people are afraid of their rights being stripped by courts. Don't act like that should be sunshine to Donald Trump and people against it. The president next week is going to appoint a Supreme Court justice if they get a majority votes will do all those things."

You can watch the full discussion below: