Idaho students sick of  'emasculation' and 'degeneracy' recruited to join white supremacist group
Skinheads enact Nazi salutes (Shutterstock).

Students found fliers advertising a white supremacist group this week on the Boise State campus.

The fliers appeared Wednesday stuck to several campus buildings, inviting anyone who has a "problem with" immigration, political correctness, globalization, Marxism/leftism, "male emasculation" or "degeneracy" to contact the group by email, reported the Boise Weekly.

The references to degeneracy and emasculation refer specifically to National Socialist -- or Nazi -- ideas about race, masculinity, eugenics and art.

"Degeneracy is the idea that some people are less human than others," a faculty member told KBOI-TV in a statement. "Unless we're considering that subject in a carefully crafted context -- for example, a discussion of the sterilization of African-American women, or Nazis' perspectives on disability -- that's a topic I don't want to see promulgated on a university campus."

The flier also showed the comic book hero, Captain America, who was depicted punching Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the face when he first appeared in 1941.

But he has been adopted as symbol by American white nationalists due to his origin story, which the newspaper pointed out depicts a physically weak man acquiring superpowers with a secret serum developed by the military.

"Maybe they are promising some kind of magic juice," said Leslie Madsen-Brooks, a history professor at the university.

University officials said "Boise State Nationalists" were not an officially recognized group and the fliers were posted in violation of the school's policy.

"While the university does restrict how fliers can be posted on campus, the content of the speech in question is protected by the First Amendment," university officials said in a statement. "As is the speech of those who vehemently agree with it."

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