'I'm not concerned about your income': Watch Bernie blast a Trump-backing businessman over corporate greed
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and stunned Trump voter -- (CNN screengrab)

A fairly placid CNN town hall featuring Bernie Sanders grew heated when a Trump voter who identified himself as a businessman complained about the regulatory atmosphere under President Barack Obama -- only to have the Vermont Senator lecture him on greed.

Host Chris Cuomo introduced the man, identified as Jim Jacobs from Pennsylvania, who immediately complained about Obama.

"My question is this. I'm a business owner and we keep getting kicked in the teeth by this administration," Jacobs asserted. "It's regulation after regulation and tax after tax. What Donald Trump does understand is the complexities of business and to reward the person who takes the risk. My question is: this country was founded on entrepreneurship. Why is this administration so against the business owner? Please tell me."

"I don't think this administration, the Obama Administration you're referring to, is so against the business owner," Sanders replied.

"Oh, really?" a stunned Jacobs said.

"Yeah, Obama did raise --  I don't know your income, and I'm not concerned about your income," Sanders shot back.

"That matters," a clearly aggravated Jacobs replied, only to have Sanders cut him off.

'Excuse me," Sanders lectured. "He raised taxes on the top 1 percent or 2 percent, and I would have gone further. 5 percent of all new income generated today goes to the top 1 percent, so you and I may have a difference. But yeah, I do believe that billionaires and multi-millionaires should be paying more in taxes. "

"I'm business owner, I'm not a multi-billionaire, I'm not a millionaire," Jacobs parried. "You haven't lived until you've put a payroll on your credit card. This is the reality of the backbone of this country."

"Well, the backbone of this country, I think we should support entrepreneurship," Sander fired back. "We should support small business. But I am not supportive of large multi-national corporations that make millions and don't pay a nickel in taxes, nor am I supportive of those corporations who throw American workers out on the street and move to China or Mexico."

Watch the video below via CNN: