Indiana GOP lawmaker faces instant backlash after posting meme mocking 'fat women' at Women's March
Indiana State Sen. Jack Sandlin, left, with Vice President Mike Pence, right (Facebook photo).

A state senator from Indiana has deleted a meme he posted on Facebook over the weekend that made fun of "fat women" who attended this past weekend's Women's Marches across the country.

Per USA Today, Indiana State Sen. Jack Sandlin faced instant backlash after he posted a meme on his Facebook page that showed a photo of the Women's March with the caption, "In one day Trump got more fat women out walking than Michelle Obama did in 8 years."


Social media users quickly flooded Sandlin's page with angry comments, and the senator deleted the post from his page late last night -- and then claimed that he wasn't the one who posted it on his own account.

"Not sure how that ended up on my Facebook wall but that certainly does not reflect my opinion of women," he wrote. "People who know me will know that's not my view."


Nonetheless, Facebook users are still hammering Sandlin with angry messages about the sexist meme that was posted on his page.

"You should be ASHAMED of yourself for your comment about FAT WOMEN," wrote one user on Sandlin's Facebook page. "What and INSULTING and DEMEANING thing to post."

"As Indiana women we're going to make sure you never get another leadership position in this country," wrote another. "I don't understand this meanness. I look at you and your sister and the way you talk to people and I don't understand it."

"You and Donald Trump are exactly the reason we marched in Washington yesterday," wrote a third.