Internet mercilessly mocks Kellyanne Conway for wearing ‘Trump Revolutionary Wear’ to inauguration
Kellyanne Conway attends President Trump's inauguration (Screen cap).

Top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway wore a special outfit for President Trump's inauguration on Friday -- and the internet hasn't stopped laughing about it for hours.

Conway's outfit, which TMZ claims she describes as "Trump Revolutionary Wear," is a red-white-and-blue getup that is meant to be somewhat reminiscent of Revolutionary War-era military uniforms.

CNN's Hunter Schwarz notes that her coat is actually a $3,600 Gucci wool a-line coat -- and CNN's Kate Bennett writes that the coat was originally designed to pay tribute to the city of London, which isn't exactly a place to celebrate the American Revolution.

Twitter, however, took one look at Kellyanne's outfit and immediately started cracking jokes that compared Conway to a nutcracker, Paddington Bear, and a circus ringmaster.

Check out a sample of top reactions below.