'Morning Joe' demands Trump fire aides after rocky start: 'The show has begun really badly'
Morning Joe (Photo: Screen capture)

President Trump's administration got off to a rocky start this past weekend, as the president's decision to send out his press secretary to lie about his inauguration attendance figures was widely panned by pundits across the political spectrum.

The crew at Morning Joe, whom Trump has reportedly leaned on for advice in the past, excoriated the president on Monday morning, and said that he needs to wake up to the fact that he's actually president now, not just some touring circus act.

"It's show time," co-host Mika Brzezinski said of Trump's presidency. "And the show has begun really badly."

In particular, Brzezinski singled out Trump's decision to spend much of his speech at the CIA headquarters this past weekend bragging about his crowd sizes while attacking the media.

"Whoever didn't write, or should have written, or should have edited that [CIA] speech should go today -- out, goodbye, done," she said. "And whoever did not coordinate the CIA event correctly should go today... It's showtime and nobody can afford this."

Co-host Joe Scarborough, meanwhile, seemed stunned that any Trump aides would encourage him to pick a major fight with the media over inauguration crowd sizes.

"Whoever was encouraging him, goading him to keep fighting about the size of the crowds... should be fired today for the sake of America," he said.

Check out the full clip below.