Nebraska man grinds boot heel into woman's face like he was putting out a cigarette: police
Curtis Bush

A Nebraska man is accused of beating a woman and grinding his boot heel into her face during an altercation.

Curtis Bush, of Lincoln, was arrested early Friday on third-degree domestic assault charges after a woman fled from his apartment about 1 a.m. and called for help, reported the Lincoln Journal Star.

The woman claimed the 38-year-old Bush punched her five times before she fell, then pinned her to the floor and continued pummeling her.

She then told police that Bush stepped on her face with his work boot as if he were putting out a cigarette.

Police said the woman was bruised and bloody after the attack, and she had a boot print on her face.

Bush, who has prior convictions on his criminal record, was jailed on $80,000 bond.