President Trump: I would use torture because 'we have to fight fire with fire'
Donald Trump speaks to "Extra" (Photo: Screen capture)

In an exclusive interview with ABC, President Trump said he believes that torture works and would employ it if he got a sign-off from his close advisors.

Citing terrorists "cutting off the head of victims," Trump said he feels he must respond with harsh measures.

"I want to keep our country safe," Trump explained. "When they're chopping off the heads of our people, when they're chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a Christian in the Middle East.. would I feel strongly about waterboarding? As far as I'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire."

Trump added that he has spoken with people "at the highest level" in the intelligence services as recently as "24 hours ago and I asked them the question: does it work, does torture work? And the answer was 'yes.'"

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