Robert Reich: Here's why no Democrat should come within 1,000 feet of Trump's inauguration
Robert Reich (The Nightly Show)

Inaugurations are typically one of the few times when members of both parties put aside their differences and celebrate the peaceful transition of power in the United States.

Robert Reich, however, thinks that Donald Trump has broken so many of our democratic taboos and has shown himself to be such a threat to our democracy, that no Democratic politician should step within 1,000 feet of this year's festivities unless it's to protest.

In a new Facebook post, Reich explains that Trump's actions both during and since the 2016 presidential campaign mean that he should not be given legitimacy by having Democratic politicians attend his inauguration.

"The issue here is how former presidents and other politicians should respond to someone who has shown himself to be a dangerous demagogue," Reich writes. "Donald Trump became president by lying, demeaning women, denigrating racial and ethnic minorities, denying intelligence reports of foreign intervention in our election, excusing violence against opponents, and undermining the freedom and independence of the press."

Given that Trump has shown no contrition, and has instead "continued to tell big lies, retaliate against critics, call opponents “enemies,” avoid press conferences, and dismiss conflicts of financial interest."

In sum, Reich believes that attending Trump's inauguration "gives tacit support and approval to someone who poses a clear and present danger to our democracy."

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