Ron Howard rips Trump fans' hypocrisy over Streep: Trump was a reality TV star spouting birther lies
Ron Howard (Shutterstock)

Director Ron Howard blasted Donald Trump and his allies as hypocrites for complaining about Meryl Streep's criticism during a Golden Globes speech.

Howard praised the actress late Sunday on Twitter for condemning the president-elect as a bully, and he jousted with Trump fans who claimed "Hollywood idiots" like Streep would help him win a second term.

"(I) hope he earns 4 more years thru honorable unselfish leadership & statesmanship," Howard tweeted. "Please Trump, pleasantly surprise the skeptics."

He wondered how those same Trump fans calling for Streep to be silent because she's an actress, and not a politician, cast their ballots for a celebrity businessman and former reality TV star.

"(Trump) used his fame to speak out on issues years before he ran 4 office," Howard tweeted. "(Why) was he allowed & Ms Streep should keep quiet? no hypocrisy pls."

Howard called out Trump supporters who had apparently forgotten how the president-elect entered national politics by promoting conspiracy theories about President Barack Obama's birthplace.

The Oscar-winning director called on Trump to display maturity and gravitas as he prepares for inauguration later this month.

"Trump takes the bait & calls #MerylStreep overrated?!" Howard tweeted. "Please Pres-Elect. Don't make this into the WWF which is fun but not presidential."