Sobering 'Registration Day' video shows what a Muslim registration in the US might look like
Registration Day (Facebook)

With the likely reinstatement of the George W. Bush-era National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, the program that registered people from predominately Arab and Muslim countries, one project seeks to visualize what that could look like.

The Facebook page, called Registration Day, writes as its mission that it's, "A social conversation that challenges the idea of having to register people because of their religion or place of birth. Stay engaged."

Featured on the Facebook page is a video that aims to create awareness on the issue and show what it might look like when President Donald Trump's Muslim registry takes effect. The video shows a highly policed location with heavily armed guards, where families must register by having their hands and fingerprints scanned.

The video is captioned with, "Declare your religion and place your hand on the scanner. Remain orderly and in a single file line. You will be registered shortly."

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