Texas Facebook feud spills out into the real world -- and 4 people end up shot
Gun firing (Shutterstock)

People get into feuds on Facebook every day -- but most of them don't turn violent.

However, local news station WBAP reports that four Dallas-area residents were injured this week after a shooting broke out over a Facebook dispute between residents of South Dallas and residents of Allen, a suburb just north of Dallas.

Police say that nine South Dallas residents were apparently so upset by the fight that they drove up to Allen to confront the seven Facebook users from the neighborhood that had insulted them. The dispute was apparently set to end peacefully when one unidentified member of the Dallas group started firing shots, authorities say.

The four people who were shot in the dispute were taken to nearby hospitals, where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

"Well I can’t imagine what would be so important that it would end like this," said Allen Police Sergeant John Felty. "We’ve had social media disagreements for quite some time but never to this degree where it turns into a shooting."

Police say they are still investigating what caused the social media feud to escalate to violence.