'This is a ridiculous conversation': Chris Wallace pounds Priebus for arguing over inaugural crowd counts
Fox News host Chris Wallace -- Fox screengrab

Fox News host Chris Wallace ran out of patience with Donald Trump's chief of staff Sunday morning for insisting that the crowd for the newly elected president's inauguration equaled ex-President Barack Obama's crowd in 2009.

Pointing at Press Secretary Sean Spicer's controversial press conference late Saturday where he berated the press over reporting on crowd size before storming out without taking any questions, the Fox News host put Reince Priebus on the spot.

"President Trump said in his inaugural address that every decision he makes will be to benefit American families," Wallace asked. "How does arguing about crowd size do that?”

According to Priebus, the fight is over “honesty in the media," before defiantly adding, "We’re not gonna sit around and take it.”

After Wallace showed Priebus pictures from both inaugurations and asked which looked more crowded, an aggravated Priebus insisted that the Trump inauguration photo was taken before the new president's ceremony began.

"I think this is a ridiculous conversation," Wallace shot back. "There were huge areas, he [Trump] said there were crowds all the way to the Washington Monument."

"There was," Priebus insisted.

"There wasn't," Wallace shot back. "You know what? Let's put up the picture again."

As Priebus protested, saying Wallace wasn't "comparing apples to apples," the Fox host shot him down.

"I'm telling you there were fewer people," Wallace bluntly stated.

Watch the video below via YouTube: