'This is about a guy who never brought a woman to orgasm': Bill Maher tackles Trump's 'crowd' problem
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

Bill Maher can't get over Trump's obsession with the size of his crowd. On Friday night's "Real Time" the comedian called out Trump's obsession for what it is.

"This is about the size of his d*ck!" Maher exclaimed. "This is about a guy who never brought a woman to orgasm! He probably thinks it's rigged."

Maher also noted that Trump's crowd was about as big as the Church of Scientology. "The difference between Scientology and Donald Trump is Scientology has better celebrities," he joked.

His biggest concern, however, is the fact that Trump sees a multitude of people that aren't actually there.

At the top of the show, Maher began by announcing, "it's day 7 of the 'War on Facts.'" The comedian noted that when he grabs his phone each morning to check the news Siri now asks him "are you sitting down?"

But after the Women's March on Washington, Maher has hope.

"Something is happening," Maher noted. "We finally have our own tea party. Except with our own teeth and correctly spelled posters."

He went on to joke that when Trump saw the march he was so furious he came out to the Truman balcony with a bullhorn and shouted insults at the women.

Maher also knocked Trump's recent Executive Orders, saying that when President Barack Obama signed an order it was after study and checking with lawyers. "With Trump, they're just signed tweets!" Maher said.

You can watch the full video below: