Trevor Noah hammers Sean Spicer for claiming unemployment isn’t a number — but a feeling
Trevor Noah mocks Sean Spicer (Photo: Screen capture)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah can’t believe the new White House press secretary thinks the unemployment rate isn’t a number, but a feeling.

In his first official press conference Monday, Sean Spicer was asked by a reporter to state the unemployment rate. During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump alleged that the rate was inaccurate and that it is likely closer to 42 percent. The reporter wanted to clarify what number the administration is working off of as it attempts to create more jobs.

Spicer explained that the president doesn't see an unemployment rate so much as he is focused on whether the people "are doing better as a whole."

"Wait, did he just say unemployment isn't a number — it's a feeling?" Noah asked. "This guy would be the worst ESPN reporter ever."

Noah explained that the rate is actually a number "and that number is 4.7 percent. Which is really low," Noah clarified. "The reason the Trump administration won't actually say that unemployment number is because if they do, in seven months they won't be able to take credit for when it drops to 9 percent."

Noah also dragged up Spicer's old feud with his college newspaper at Connecticut College. While Spicer was in student government, the newspaper referred to him as "Sean Sphincter," something they later claimed was a typo.

It was also revealed in a Washington Post profile on Spicer that he chews and swallows 35 pieces of gum each morning before noon. Spicer claimed that his doctor told him it was OK, but Noah wondered if his physician is the same as Trumps. To test the theory, Noah made "Daily Show" correspondent Ronnie Chang chew 35 pieces of gum. It didn't go well.

Watch the full video below: