Trump voters don't think 'smart businessman' like Trump will really enact GOP's health care plans
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It seems that some people who voted for Donald Trump don't like the health care plans that Trump's party has actually proposed -- but they also don't believe the GOP will really enact them.

The New York Times reports that the Kaiser Foundation recently organized several focus groups with Rust Belt Trump voters who were either covered by Medicaid, or who got their insurance policies through Obamacare exchanges.

What they found was that the people who were on Medicaid seemed happier with their coverage than people who got their coverage through the insurance exchanges -- and some who used the exchanges wish that they could simply have the option to use Medicaid because it's a much simpler plan.

Where things get really interesting, however, is when participants were asked to comment on some of President-elect Trump and the Republican Party's potential Obamacare replacement plans. In particular, many were unhappy with the idea of ditching insurance to move to health savings accounts, which they said were not at all comparable to the coverage they're getting now.

"Asked about policies found in several Republican plans to replace the Affordable Care Act — including a tax credit to help defray the cost of premiums, a tax-preferred savings account and a large deductible typical of catastrophic coverage — several of these Trump voters recoiled, calling such proposals 'not insurance at all,'" the Times writes.

That said, some of these voters also said they didn't think Trump and the GOP would really go through with enacting such plans.

"When told Mr. Trump might embrace a plan that included these elements, and particularly very high deductibles, they expressed disbelief," writes the Times. "They were also worried about what they called 'chaos' if there was a gap between repealing and replacing Obamacare. But most did not think that, as one participant put it, 'a smart businessman like Trump would let that happen.'"