WATCH: Angela Rye blasts Glenn Beck for blaming BLM for horrific torture of disabled white man
Angela Rye on CNN (YouTube)

Lest you had any illusions that right-wing bomb-thrower Glenn Beck has turned over a new leaf, he dispatched them on Thursday when he falsely blamed Black Lives Matter for the horrific torture of a disabled white man in Chicago.

On Twitter this morning, Beck demanded "justice in Chicago for the beating of a disabled Trump supporter by BLM," despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest Black Lives Matter had anything to do with the deplorable actions captured on video.

Per Mediaite, CNN panelist Angela Rye called Beck out Thursday morning for his assertion, and said that he had no cause to smear BLM for the incident.

"These folks are not trying to kill people, they’re trying to protect black lives," she said. "It’s horrible to put that at the feet of Black Lives Matter."

For the record, Black Lives Matter Chicago put out a statement Thursday condemning the torture of the disabled man, and explicitly stated that such actions are not what the movement is about.

"What happened to the young man who was held captive and tortured is terrible and we condemn the violence that was perpetrated against him," BLM Chicago wrote. "We've stated time and time again, that we're against all types of harm and violence perpetrated and we've never condoned it. So this is absolutely perplexing and twisted that people are associating this atrocity with this organization and movement."

Beck -- who once infamously called President Obama a racist who hates white people -- earlier this year expressed "empathy" toward Black Lives Matter and admitted that "there are things unique to the African-American experience that I cannot relate to."

Check out Rye's reaction to Beck below.