WATCH: Comedian takes John Oliver around New York to find out if gay people care about him
Billy Eichner, John Oliver (YouTube, screenshot)

Comedian Billy Eichner took his Billy on The Street segment to New York's Chelsea neighborhood. Joined by John Oliver, Eichner set out to learn whether gay people care about the Last Week Tonight host.

Eichner opened his segment explaining, "Here at Billy on The Street, we care very much about gay people, but do gay people care about John Oliver?" He then took Oliver around New York and asked gay people whether or not they cared about Oliver. Responses varied.

The first person Eichner and Oliver approached straight up responded, "No," when asked if he cared about John Oliver. The next person said, "Hmm, not really." Some respondents didn't even know Oliver. "Who's John Oliver?" one person asked. Another person responded, "I have no idea who that is," as Oliver stood by.

Some of the people Eichner approached did care about John Oliver. One person said he loved Oliver, another group said they liked Oliver and called him a "really smart guy."

See the full clip below.

(H/t Mediaite)