WATCH LIVE: President Barack Obama's farewell address
(Photo: Evan El-Amin /

Every president from George Washington to George W. Bush has traditionally given a farewell address. Most do so from the confines of the Oval Office, but President Barack Obama is set to bid farewell to the nation from his adopted home of Chicago, Illinois, at 9 p.m. EST.

CNN reports that Obama hopes to bring back some of his more iconic messages for "hope and change." His legacy leaves many progressive accomplishments and some progressive attempts blocked by courts and by Congress.

In his final campaign speech for former Sec. Hillary Clinton, Obama told the Philadelphia crowd that he still believes in hope.

"I'm still as optimistic as ever about our future and that's because of you, the American people," Obama said.

Obama will try to rally Americans with a "forward-looking" vision he hopes the country can achieve, according to officials. His speech will not be directed solely on Donald Trump, despite the president-elect's previous assumptions.

You can watch the full video below from the White House's live feed. A preview video is below that.