WATCH: Rabbi annihilates GOP ‘sitting on their fat taxpayer-funded insurance’ while destroying ACA
Rabbi Eric Yoffie on CNN -- via screengrab

During a CNN town hall Tuesday night, featuring a Hoiuse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a rabbi from New Jersey brought down the house with a blistering attack on Republicans who are threatening to gut the Affordable Care Act.

Identified as Eric Yoffie of Westfield, the rabbi explained that he has always been a proponent of providing healthcare for those who can't afford it.

"I'm a religious leader and spent most of my life working with religious groups to help provide health care to all Americans," Yoffie began. "Before Obamacare I saw horrors everyday so tragic that they could rip the heart right out of a stone. Now I see the president and Republican politicians sitting on their fat health insurance provided by the taxpayers, declaring their willingness to return tens of million of Americans to a permanent state of anxiety they used to be in when healthcare was not so widely available."

"Miss Pelosi, I believe that if we deny healthcare to those who need it, we are losing out humanity and we are failing as a nation," he continued. "What will you and the Democrats do to make sure that this doesn't happen? Will you fight for us, really fight for us? And will you hold the Trump administration accoutable for their health care policies? And if so, how?"

You can see Rabbi Yoffie -- and Pelosi's answer -- below via CNN: