Website given first question at Trump press conference scrubs video calling Clintons muderers
Scrubbed YouTube video from Lifezette (Screengrab / Right Wing Watch)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave his first question during Tuesday’s press conference to a reporter from Lifezette, a news and opinion site that pushed a debunked claim alleging Bill and Hillary Clinton murdered their political foes.

The site, founded by conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, recently scrubbed referenced to the video, which claimed the former President and Secretary of State murdered several people who threatened their political aspirations, Right Wing Watch reports. Lifezetta also removed the video from its Facebook page.

Similarly, Ingraham’s site removed an article about the “Clinton Curse” which claimed it is “hard to deny that being close with the Clintons could kill you,” according to Right Wing Watch.

Ingraham was in the running to be White House Press Secretary under the Trump Administration, telling Fox News she was “honored to be considered for that job and other jobs.” The president instead tapped Spicer—the RNC’s chief strategist and communications director at the—to be his press secretary.

Ingraham is currently “considering” a run for the Virginia senate against Sen. Tim Kaine, telling Fox & Friends she’s “interested in” challenging the former vice presidential candidate.

“I’ll decide in the future,” Ingraham teased.

Watch the scrubbed video below, via Right Wing Watch: