'What does that even mean?': Trump threat to make media pay ‘tremendous price' baffles CNN analyst
David Gregory (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's political panel on "New Day" began Monday by mocking Donald Trump's senior advisors for "lying to Americans" and excusing it with the phrase "alternative facts." Political analyst David Gregory was shocked by threats made by the new president.

Gregory suggested that if the press is going to be undermined by Trump press secretary Sean Spicer, then they simply shouldn't show up. The Trump administration has tried to find ways to get rid of the press, however, and put them further away from the White House.

"This will be a big showdown between the press secretary and the White House press corps and the wider media for no reason whatsoever," Gregory said about Spicer and the president harming the White House's credibility. "What they're not talking about is the president's agenda. That's what matters."

Gregory cited the Wall Street Journal's article calling out Trump's CIA speech in which he said he was in a war with the media and that the media would “pay a tremendous price for it.”

"What does that mean?" Gregory wondered, urging Trump to focus on fixing the country's problems.

Host Chris Cuomo wondered how Trump could stand in front of a wall of stars representing CIA agents killed in the line of duty and claim that the biggest war is the one with the media.

Stelter explained that Trump is playing to his 46 percent that voted for him and not the 76 million Americans who voted for someone else.

Gregory agreed, saying that the press needs to stop taking Trump's bait and instead focus on holding Trump accountable.

In the second portion of the segment, panelist Jackie Kucinich urged the administration to release Trump's tax returns because it will continue to dog him throughout his entire presidency.

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