Woman arrested after framing husband's ex-girlfriend in Craigslist 'rape fantasy' scam
Angela Maria Diaz - mugshot

A Phoenix woman has been taken into a custody after posing as a victim of a rape fantasy scam that she claimed her husband's ex-girlfriend potsted on Craigslist, MyNewsLA reports.

Angela Maria Diaz, 31, is currently facing charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and falsely reporting crimes, after accusing Michelle Suzanne Hadley of using Craigslist requesting men sexually assault Diaz.

Prosecutors in Orange County, California have asked a judge to drop charges against Hadley, 30, after she had already spent several months in jail due to those false accusations.

Diaz, who is married to a U.S. marshal, is also facing charges of forgery and possession of a forged check exceeding $950, along with single counts of perjury and grand theft.

According to police, Hadley was engaged to marry Diaz's eventual husband before they broke it off.

Police state that Diaz allegedly used computer software to fake emails making it appear Hadley was posting  the rape fantasies. Diaz then faked an attempted sexual assault on herself which resulted in the eventual arrest of Hadley.

According to police, men did appear at the home of Diaz, and that one actually attacked her but fled before police arrived.

Hadley was released in October after her attorney provided evidence to the police that showed Diaz was behind the Craigslist posts.

Diaz is currently separated from her husband who was not named.