'You can't arrest me -- I'm white!': Protesters dressed as Klansmen ejected from Sessions hearing
Protesters dressed as Klansmen sarcastically cheer on Sen. Jeff Sessions during his conformation hearing (Screen cap).

Two protesters dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes were ejected from Sen. Jeff Sessions's (R - AL) Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday after they stood up and sarcastically cheered on the prospective United States Attorney General.

The two protesters, who were joined by several Code Pink members who were also on hand to protest, wore giant foam hands that read "KKK" and "Go, Jeff Boy!" As Sessions entered the chamber, the two men cheered him on and called out "Jefferson Beauregard!" to get his attention.

As they were being taken away by security guards, one of the men yelled out, "You can't arrest me, I'm a white man!" He told security officers that "You cannot take me out of here, I own this government!"

Sessions's nomination for attorney general was praised by white supremacist leader David Duke, who said he hoped Sessions would "stop the massive institutional race discrimination against whites."

Check out video of the chaos at Sessions's confirmation hearing below.