'You forgot where you came from': Reza Aslan shames Paul Ryan for abandoning refugees to appease Trump
Reza Aslan speaks to CNN (Screenshot/YouTube.com)

Noted religious scholar Reza Aslan took House Majority Leader Paul Ryan to task on Monday, admonishing him for setting aside his beliefs and backing President Donald Trump's decidedly un-Christian decision to refuse to take in desperate refugees from war-torn Syria.

In a video posted to YouTube by Mic, Aslan called out Ryan for his cowardice by reminding him of things he said about Trump during the campaign -- only to act like he never criticized Trump now that he is in power.

Previously, Ryan has ripped the very idea of a Muslim ban when it was proposed in 2015, with Aslan pointing out that Ryan became “literally the first person in Congress” to back Trump's immigration executive order last Friday that threw airports --and the country -- into chaos over the weekend.

Aslan pointed out that Ryan's forefathers fled Ireland to escape famine, and then teared up while explaining that his own family came to the U.S. from Iran -- where he was born --  so they “wouldn’t be killed by their own government.”

"It seems like you’ve forgotten something,” Aslan said, in the hope that Ryan would see the video. “Not just your words from last year. But you forgot your own identity. You forgot where you came from.”

Watch the video below via YouTube: