‘You know how f*cking stupid this is?’: 'The Liberal Redneck' tears into Trump's Muslim ban
The Liberal Redneck (Screengrab / YouTube)

Standup comedian and self-described "Liberal Redneck” Trae Crowder on Monday railed into Donald Trump’s decision to restrict travel from several predominantly Muslim countries, comparing supporters of the ban to the radical terrorists the ban seeks to bar.

“Speaking of shitty emperors he did it, he f*cking did it. He banned Muslims,” Crowder said on a Youtube video. “To be more exact, he banned Muslims from a very specific set of countries, none of which pose any real or immediate threat while leaving known producers of terrorist … off the list.”

“Do you know how f*cking stupid this is,” Crowder asked. “We shouldn’t be banning people based on their nationality, period.”

“It’s so pointless—ll it does is literally ruin the lives of a bunch of good people and figuratively call the Statue of Liberty a stupid bitch,” he added.

Crowder then argued the Trump backers who support the Muslim ban bear similarities to “radical islamic terrorists.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how ironic it is that the worst of my people, just the sh*ttiest of American redneck bigots—or as Trump calls them ‘the base’—that they so loathe radical islamic terrorists,” Crowder said. “But you do realize that philosophically, you’re just two sides of the same ignorant, shit-dipped coin, right?”

Watch the video below, via YouTube: