'A clear violation': Government ethics watchdog slams Kellyanne Conway for hawking Ivanka's clothes
Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

Top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway got into hot water when she publicly told Fox News viewers to go buy items from Ivanka Trump's clothing line last week, and now the Office of Government Ethics believes that she likely committed a "clear violation" of ethics law.

In response to a review of Conway's endorsement that was requested by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R - UT) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D - MD), the OGE said that it has "strong reason" to believe that she violated ethics laws that bar government officials from making endorsements that benefit friends and relatives.

Among other things, OGE notes that Conway endorsed Ivanka Trump's products while "unquestionably appearing in her official capacity" as a White House adviser on a Fox News program.

"As Ms. Conway made these statements, she appeared on screen in a tight frame between the official seal of the White House and the American flag," the OGE writes. "These facts, if true, would establish a clear violation of the prohibition against misuse of position."

At the end of its review, the OGE recommended that the White House investigate Conway's actions and "consider taking disciplinary action" against her.

Read the whole letter written by the OGE below.